SOS Workshop for Teens

Your teen hears this all the time, “Put down your phone!” But it’s getting harder and harder to do. Let’s face some realities, most teens/kids these days can’t put down their phone with the fear that they’ll miss something.

  • They’ll miss the text they just got from their friend.
  • They’ll miss the video that came across one of their array of social channels.
  • They’ll miss the call telling them who did what and when.

Regardless of the reason, today more and more teens are getting hurt simply because they can’t put it down.

If this sounds like your teen, then read on.

With our SOS Social Online Safety Program For Tweens (kids/teens/college students) we teach them:

  • About the dangers of walking and texting.
  • Sleep texting and how this can affect their health.
  • Driving and texting and how this is now the number one killer among teens.
  • How their posts – pictures – online rants can affect their future.
  • The legal ramifications of their online actions.
  • Cyberbullying and how to combat it.
  • The true definition of a Cyberbully.
  • Resources to help them be safe when using their smart phones/tablets/laptops.

Our goal is to educate them so they can make vested decisions, and teach them how their actions can affect those around them.


We have run workshops for small groups of 25 to larger groups of 1,500.

We’re here to help.

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