SOS Workshop for Parents

Let us be your advocate to help you protect your kids and yourself from the unknown dangers that social media and online activities can bring.

  • Do you know how to protect your kids from the online dangers?
  • Are you aware of their online activity?
  • Do you know the signs of bullying and cyber bulling?
  • Are you aware of how a simple post can destroy your child’s scholastic career?
  • Did you know that many times a parent can be the one to take the rap for their child’s behavior?

We have workshops geared specifically towards parents educating you on:Parenting Online Activity

  • The array of channels your kids are using
  • How to find their online presence to ensure they are safely perusing the internet
  • Key resources to help you voice your concerns without causing animosity
  • Setting easy internet rules for the whole family to abide by

Remember that your kids actions many times are modeled by our own. By educating yourself you help educate your kids on the in’s and out’s of playing it safe online.

Interested in getting a group of parents together for a workshop session in your home or local church?

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