We are a local company working to protect kids – teens – adults – seniors from both the on and offline dangers of the internet.  We realize that many utilize social media and online resources, but many aren’t aware of how to protect themselves from predators, hackers, and scam artists.  Not only do we have many resources to help protect your families, we also show you how to be aware of your actions when utilizing many of the devices out there: Smart Phones – Tablets – Laptops.  Our goal is to educate and help protect families one computer and device at a time.

Believe it or not, this whole idea started with a Girls Scout meeting.  Katrina Garcia – President/Founder of SOS Social Online Safety had the opportunity to speak to a group of Girl Scouts about online safety.  After her talk, she realized that even though many of our young are completely aware of how to set up social channels and profiles they know very little about how to protect their information.  The more speaking events she did the more she realized how this was a key component that many don’t know how to do.  With that, she started SOS Social Online Safety to educate all ages, including businesses on how to properly utilize the internet and the array of social channels out there, while protecting their information.

But it didn’t just stop there, she also realized that there was more to it –

  • Cyber bullying
  • Device safety
  • Profile safety
  • Imagery
  • Content etiquette
  • Legalities of your online actions

After this it was her mission to educate everyone – Kids/Teens/Parents/Seniors/Businesses on the array of dangers both known and unknown.  So it is her mission to educate everyone, regardless of age.