Educating Families/Businesses With SOS Social Online Safety Tools/Tips

We strive to protect
Kids – Teens – Adults – Elders
from the on/off line dangers.

Senior Couple Using Tablet Computer At Outdoor Café

Did you know that senior citizens and teens are the easiest online targets?

Youth and technology

Do your kids know what to post and what not to post? Do you?

Cyber Bullying

Do you know what cyber bullying is and how to stop it?

Email Danager

Do you know how to tell the difference between a legit email and one that is a scam email?

Even though the internet helps us connect with loved ones and friends, it’s also an easy way for predators, hackers, and scam artists to target individuals.

At KV@ Virtually Everywhere Inc, we believe that knowledge is power and by educating you and your loved ones, we can help protect them together.  That’s why we’ve pulled together our SOS – Social Online Safety program that covers:

– Text messaging and driving

– What and what not to post online

– Cyber bullying

– Protecting your scholastic future/career

– Scams/online threats and how to avoid them

– Staying safe and being aware of your online/offline surroundings

Our goal is to educate you, your teens, your parents, and your grandparents for a safer tomorrow.

Give us a call today to schedule an SOS – Social Online Safety program for your school, scout group, summer camp, .


(Minimum program of 20 attendee’s)